DIY Heartburn Dragon Maternity Costume

When I realized I’d be pregnant just before Halloween, I knew I had to do a costume blog post! I was kinda hoping for a whole set of them, but sadly I didn’t leave enough time for brainstorming and I ended up racing against the clock just to do this one. It was completed less than a week before my due date, and baby came a day early! I got the idea when I woke up one night with terrible heartburn. It feels like you’re breathing fire and that’s when it hit me- a dragon costume! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right?

 It’s a fire-breathing heartburn momma dragon!! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right? This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. DIY is on the blog!

This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. You can also add it to a maternity dress without ruining it by using safety pins, which makes it perfect for being frugal. Plus, you can use any color dress you have or even a t-shirt and pants, or a hoodie. Really, whatever you have at home would work! Plus it’s actually pretty funny and super comfortable.

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You will need:

Green Dress (similar here)
Felt (similar here)
Ribbon (similar here)
Colored cardstock (similar here)
Wooden skewer (similar here)
Glue gun (similar here)
Scissors (similar here)
Safety pins (optional)

Directions- Dress

 It’s a fire-breathing heartburn momma dragon!! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right? This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. DIY is on the blog!
  1. Measure a piece of ribbon going down the back of your dress. It can go all the way down, or only to a certain point. The choice is yours. I went with just above my booty so it would be comfy to sit in!

  2. Start cutting triangles out of your felt. You’ll want 2 of each piece. You can either randomly cut triangles, then trace the same shape to make a copy, or fold your felt in half and cut the triangle so you end up with 2 identical pieces.

  3. Line up your triangles on either side of your ribbon. Make sure all your spikes are facing the same way! What we’re going to do is glue them down so that they stick up on the ribbon.

  4. Starting at either the top or the bottom of your ribbon, take your triangle and add a line of glue to the “bottom” edge, aka the one facing the ribbon.

  5. Place the triangle down to glue it onto the ribbon. You want it to be laying down across the ribbon, over to the other side. Once it’s cooled, fold it back over to the side and add another line of glue, then press the other side of the next triangle onto the ribbon. You should now have two flaps facing each other.

  6. Glue the flaps shut, and repeat all the way up the ribbon for all your spikes.

  7. Once you’re done, you can either glue these spikes to your dress or safety pin them on so you can wear the dress again normally!

Directions- Fire

 It’s a fire-breathing heartburn momma dragon!! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right? This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. DIY is on the blog!
  1. Pick out the colors for your fire. I used red and 2 shades of orange.

  2. Draw a flame shape on your first piece of cardstock. In retrospect, I kinda wish it was a little thinner so it looked more like I was breathing it out, but you can do whatever you like for the shape!

  3. Cut out the shape you drew, then place it on the next paper. You want to be sure the pencil edge is facing up (so you have a good side and a bad side that both match), then trace a larger version of your fire onto the next paper. Cut it out, and repeat again. Then, flip them all over and stack them in size order.

  4. Glue your layers together, trimming as needed so they fit well together. I added glue to the bottom edge and left the flame side unglued so it would dance and look like it was moving when I waved it!

  5. Glue your flames onto a wooden skewer. For safety, I cut off the pointy edge with some scissors.

 It’s a fire-breathing heartburn momma dragon!! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right? This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. DIY is on the blog!
 It’s a fire-breathing heartburn momma dragon!! Might as well put those terrible side effects to good use, right? This costume is super easy and cheap to make, which is perfect for any expectant momma. DIY is on the blog!

Hah don’t mind these silly posed photos- 39 weeks preggo and had to have my husband help with the pics. He was pleased as punch and I was pretty much ready to plop my butt back on the couch. But, now that I don’t have this bump anymore I’m missing it- go figure!

What do you think of this costume idea?! Is it super clever and perfect for your heartburn? Or, did you have a different symptom you’d rather “show off”? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY Pretty Floral Pumpkins for Fall

Happy Fall! While I can’t believe that summer is over, I am so glad that it’s finally fall! The fall is my absolute favorite season, and I have an extra reason to love it now- baby girl was born in the fall! Since I had to keep things minimal this year (cuz, you know… newborns are hard!), I decided not to decorate. BUT I created this really pretty floral pumpkin for Pinhole Press! If I can only have one decoration up, it should be a showstopper, right?! You can find the DIY on their blog here!

PP Pumpkin 9.jpg

This pumpkin was super quick and easy to make! I got all my supplies from Michael’s and whipped it up in about an hour. It’s the perfect glam fall DIY for your home. Plus you can make it in any color you want so you can match your decor!

Of course, gotta have a pun! So give ‘em pumpkin to talk about and make this adorable pumpkin for your home! See the post at Pinhole Press now.

My Favorite Summer Pregnancy Snacks

While I wasn’t planning to be in my third trimester of pregnancy during the summer, I quickly learned just how difficult this can be! Apparently everyone else knew it, but I was blissfully unaware of what was to come. That being said, being pregnant in the summer allows you to have some pretty amazing snacks. Some of these may just be a pregnant lady’s cravings, but here were some of my favorite things to eat this summer!



Water and Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Ok, so smoothies aren’t exactly a new thing, but I quickly learned how much I craved sweets with my baby girl. We want them ALL THE TIME. In order to satisfy these cravings without going into sugar shock, I had to be a little bit creative. I started mixing frozen fruit (you can do packaged fruit or fresh fruit that you’ve frozen) and water, about a 50-50 ratio, then blended it in my Ninja Blender. The result is a cold, watery fruit juice that tastes a little bit sweet and super refreshing. It’s sweet but not too much, and it also sneaks in some much-needed water.


Ice Pops

When I was feeling especially hot or craving sweets, I’d grab an ice pop from the fridge! I didn’t want anything super sugary, so I stocked my freezer with Outshine Fruit Bars. The fruit and vegetable ones were the best because it gave me some extra nutrients since I’m not a huge fan of veggies. You can also make your own, which would allow you to make them whichever flavor you want, plus reduces waste since there's no box or plastic wrappers!


Hummus & Veggies or Crackers

If you’re craving something savory, try some hummus! I definitely had a hummus phase, where no one was allowed to touch my hummus haha. It’s so tasty and healthy, plus you can dip fresh veggies (extra nutrients for baby!) or some crackers for a filling snack. Add some cheese and you’ve got a tiny meal!

ice cream.jpg

Ice Cream

Ok this is a no-brainer! Ice cream is fabulous in the summer. Barely an explanation needed here, but I enjoyed ice cream on a cone, and going out for some gave me a nice walk. Be conscious to avoid soft serve, as it can be dangerous. But, a scoop or two of regular ice cream is just perfect!


Oreos & Milk

My pantry was pretty much stocked with oreos throughout my entire pregnancy! I don’t think this is a particularly summer snack, but it was one of my faves so I had to include it. Paired with a cold glass of milk, it was perfect for those chocolatey cravings!


Fresh Fruit

Summer has some of the best, juiciest fruit in season! When I first got pregnant I was craving watermelon like nobody’s business but it was February/March and it definitely wasn’t in season. I had watermelon flavored EVERYTHING but nothing satisfied the craving like real watermelon. Then, as summer came, I started craving nectarines, peaches, and apricots! By the end, I was really loving blueberries in my cereal. Fresh fruit is a great and healthy way to satisfy those sweet cravings.



Summer is hot hot hot and sometimes you don’t want to eat a hot meal on top of it. But, a girl’s gotta eat! I really enjoyed salads, especially after a long day commuting in the heat. My favorite was anything with fruit (hah, duh) and a nice light dressing. There are plenty of homemade versions on Pinterest but you can also grab tasty ones at takeout places like Panera!

Cinco De Mama 6.jpg

Water with Frozen Fruit

We’re supposed to drink a whole lot of water through pregnancy and it can get pretty boring. So, I started freezing my leftover watermelon and strawberries, then adding them as “ice cubes” to my water! It added some nice flavor to the water and kept it really cold. Win win!


Fresh Iced Tea

Avoid the sugary powdered stuff and the sugary packaged stuff and make your own iced tea! Grab your favorite (decaffeinated!) tea bags and steep them with some honey or agave syrup. Then, pour it over a glass of ice and enjoy. I have this cup which makes perfectly cold iced tea that’s perfect for at home and on the go! It has an auto-close feature that shuts the lid once you remove the straw, so you can add your ice to your hot tea and shake it up well!


Low Fat Cream Cheese & Pita Chips

Another new snack I started to love! Some Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips and cream cheese to dip it in! It’s crunchy and cool, slightly tart and sweet. Plus you can add some fresh fruit too if you want, like strawberries and blueberries!

I think one thing I’ll really miss about pregnancy is being able to eat all.the.time and never really gaining the weight! It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end. Baby is coming soon, and that’s even better than anything else!

What are your favorite summer or pregnancy snacks? Was there something you just couldn’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Improve Your Photography on any Budget

Hey guys! It’s been a really exciting summer so far. I’m hard at work doing something I’m really passionate about- helping other bloggers, Etsy shops, and small business owners with their photography. As you may know, I struggled with my photography when I first started my business and I made it my mission to improve my photography in the easiest, cheapest and fastest way possible. You can check out the before and afters here to see for yourself!

Christmas Spirit.jpg

As you probably know, having good photos is so important for your business. There are tons of options for stock photos out there, but nothing compares to having your own unique photos. This is especially true for most bloggers and shop owners, where it’s allll about the visuals! There are a lot of excuses that bloggers and business owners have about photography, but the reality is that photography doesn’t have to be complicated. If you develop a system, anyone can do it!

 To show you how true this is, I’ve created a 3 different offerings that will help you to improve your photography. They’re all super affordable, ranging from totally free to $149. Pick the option(s) that work best for you, and get those gorgeous photos online!

Starting Small

If your budget is non-existent but improving your photos is still important to you, I have a free e-course that you can take! This course is an introduction to the paid course and will teach you the very basics to take your photos to the next level. It goes over the basic principles of a good photo editing system, and why it’s important for your business!

Cost: Free


Getting Some Guidance

 If you’re just looking for a little bit of guidance on your photography, or to see if you’re headed on the right track, , invest in an Instagram photography audit! I’ll take a look at your Instagram feed and let you know your strengths, weaknesses, and some recommendations to bring your A-game! Tons of businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool to get leads, clients, and sales. Now you can get some feedback and see if you’re on track with your —.

Cost: $49


Become a Pro

If you’re looking to improve your photography pronto, look no further than Weekend Photo Academy. You’ll learn everything you need to improve your photos- lighting, composition, AND editing- within a weekend! This is an online course, so you can take it any time at your own pace. But it doesn’t have any fluff, so you can learn what you need to know quickly and get back to your business. With step by step instructions, you’ll see immediate changes to your photography and editing process. Weekend Photo Academy is currently open for enrollment for a limited time!

Only $149


No matter what your needs are, I can help you get your photography to the next level- quickly, easily, and affordably! Be sure to click the buttons above to get the photography service you need!

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to taking your own photos? Is it lighting, editing, composition? Let me know in the comments below so I can help!

Maternity Style: Hamptons Stripes and Florals

On September 2nd, my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary! I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since our wedding, but time flies when you’re having fun! Since I can’t do very much right now (8.5 months pregnant and a fractured toe!) I told John I wanted to take a short driving trip somewhere and explore a new town. He picked Montauk and the Hamptons. I’ve never been, so I was so excited to go! Plus it was a fun excuse to dress up a bit. Since I’m basically trapped at home with the fractured toe, I don’t really get to dress up much. An “adventure” for me is going to a store to run a few errands once in a while. It was nice to get out and go for a walk, explore, and hang out together!

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Stripes & Downy-029.jpg

 I had bought this adorable summer dress (non-maternity!) and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to wear it somewhere. The Happens seemed perfect and although I showed off a little bit of underboob (whoops!) it was super comfy and lightweight. I got super excited and paired it with a bunch of my favorite accessories, like the bracelet I wore on my wedding day, my new heart-shaped sunglasses, and the lipstick from my wedding day.

To re-create the look, I've rounded up a few great options for each fashion piece!

Hat  1   2 

Sunglasses  1   2   3   4

Earrings  1   2   3   4

Dress  1   2   3   4   5   6

Pink Bangles  1   2   3   4

Pink Quartz  1   2  

Pearl Bracelet  1   2 

Makeup  1   2   3  

I loved wearing this outfit, despite the fact that sometimes I had some underboss popping out. Whoops. Here's some fun cell pics from the day:


As for our adventures? We visited the Montauk lighthouse, took a stroll around Gosman’s Dock in Montauk, had some lunch at Gosman’s Inlet Cafe and Sushi Bar, then headed back home. But don’t worry, we stopped at Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen for ice cream! I had pistachio and my husband had chocolate, and we took a short stroll around talking about what we’d do if we won the lotto (hint: NOT buy a house in the Hamptons!).


It was really fun to celebrate our wedding anniversary and have a fun day together before baby came. We’re just about 2 weeks away from our due date at this point! I can’t wait to go back again, this time with baby girl in tow! Have you ever been to the Hamptons/Montauk? What were your must-visit places? Let me know in the comments below!