Does it seem like everywhere you turn, people seem to be succeeding while you’re in the same place?

Maybe people are falling in love, or learning a skill, or advancing in their career. But oh hey, you’re in the same damn place. These guys are all becoming butterflies, and you’re just a lowly little caterpillar. They’re flying all around to the best flowers, and you’re chomping on the same leaves as last week. And last season. And last freakin year. You have ideas, but you don’t know how to get to the “next level”. It seems SO hard, but you know it’s possible. I mean, THOSE GUYS DID IT. Why can’t you? 

Advice 5c.png

What you need, friends, is some good old advice. Someone that knows what you’re trying to say before you can even say it. Someone that can see through the junk and excuses you’re making, and get to the meaty goodness. Someone who can come up with ideas that were on the tip of your tongue, or maybe you hadn’t even thought of yet. A person that will give you that subtle kick in the pants you need to just get that thing done. It’s a combination life coach, best friend, and cheerleader.

And you’re in luck, because that person is me!

As an office manager and HR associate, it’s my job (literally) to be resourceful but sympathetic. I’ve been on the listening end of dozens of people, giving them advice to get them out of their rut. I love encouraging people to pursue their goals instead of just silently wishing things would change. And most importantly of all, giving them real advice on how to do it. And while sympathy is part of the job description, so is a no-bs attitude. You can’t just tell people what you want to do and then make excuses for why you can’t do it. That’s a cop out! Excuses only prolong the inevitable.

When’s the best time to do it? NOW. Always now. 

Whether it’s wishing you could quit your job and pursue a yoga career, creating an e-course, or finding a way to make your spotty resume seem legit, I’ve got the skills you need to change your life. Or hey, maybe it’s not about professional development. Maybe it’s about finding your creative side, making friends in a new town, or wishing you could speak up in a crowded room. Maybe you just want to find that special something inside you, the thing that you’re known for. I’ll help you recognize and overcome all those obstacles so that the things standing in your way can politely move aside- you’ve got dreams to achieve! 

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear- I genuinely want to help you.

This isn’t about judging you or bossing you around. The keys you need are inside you. I’m simply showing you where the lock is. I strive for happiness, and that’s found by helping others to pursue their goals and change their lives. It makes me SO happy to see people taking the steps they need and making magic happen. So don’t put it off any longer! You can be on your way to the life you want to lead. Send me a message with what you need help with, and I’ll work with you to make it happen with a 1-hour Skype session or Google Hangout.