How to Save Time and Money on Holiday Gatherings

Doesn't it seem like once December hits, you're busy every waking moment of the day? I bet even while you're sleeping, sugarplums are dancing in your head!

Between office holiday parties, gatherings with friends, bake sales, and family dinners, you're basically booked solid until after New Years. Since the whole world doesn't stop during the holiday season, you've got to squeeze it all in along with your regularly scheduled programming. Don't you wish there was a cheat sheet on how to manage it all?

Feeling overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday season? You're not the only one! Click to learn how to save time and money on your holiday gatherings. #christmas #christmasbudget #christmasparty

This week, I hopped on over to the Crazy Busy Happy Life blog and shared my tips for how to save time and money on your holiday gatherings this season. Whether you are hosting a holiday event, attending as a guest, or both, sometimes we need a few shortcuts to save us time and money. 

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Crazy Busy Happy Life and read the post!