Mix and Match Fall Baby Capsule Wardrobe 

Now that I’ve got a super cute little baby, I’m so excited for all the adorable outfits I can put her in! She’s still a little too small to really dress up, but I couldn’t resist looking! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest fall looks for your sweet little babe, which I think adds up to the perfect fall capsule wardrobe. Plus it’s a perfect mommy and me matching moment, right?! And the best part is that all these items can be found on Amazon, PLUS most of them are Prime! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping!

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Now that I’ve got a super cute little baby, I’m so excited for all the adorable outfits I can put her in! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest fall looks for your sweet little babe, which I think adds up to the perfect fall capsule wardrobe. The best part is that all these items can be found on Amazon, PLUS most of them are Prime! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping!
  1. Aqua frilly suit- Girly and sweet, this little onesie is perfect for any fall outing or event where baby needs to be a little more glam!

  2. Star bow flats- These would add such a fun little touch to any outfit, and would also be perfect for Christmas time too!

  3. Polka dot onesie- Your baby will look adorable in this glam gold dot onesie! It has such cute trim, and would look perfect on its own, or with a pair of tights underneath. Plus it comes with a matching headband!

  4. Bear knit hat- Keep your little one warm and stylish with this super cute teddy bear hat! The pom pom ears are so fun, and the color is perfect for all of winter!

  5. Gold and pink moccasins- A slightly dressier version of the typical baby moccasin, these are extra gals with gold fringe and a tiny bow!

  6. Pink bodysuit- This sweet outfit will allow your babe to be cute and stylish without being too warm. Plus it’s perfect for layering!

  7. Floral and yellow overalls- These have such a cozy fall feel without being too cheesy in colors. It’s perfect for people who like their clothes a bit brighter! 

  8. Tan maryjanes- These look great with any outfits while adding a traditional feel! 

  9. Teal fringe bodysuit- This little bodysuit is perfectly seasonal! It would look cute on its own, or layered with a little cardigan and some pants!

  10. White ruffle onesie- Basic but still fun, this onesie is perfect for layering under a pair of overalls to keep baby warm but stylish!

  11. Maryjane socks- If your little one is too small for real shoes, give her a pair of these socks! It comes in a set of 3 colors, so it’ll match with all your Thanksgiving outfits.

  12. Yellow cardigan- Perfect for staying cozy and cute, this little cardigan is perfect for chilly fall weather!

  13. Yellow off-the-shoulder onesie- Perfect for keeping it simple, this basic onesie can be paired with any color or accessories for the look you want!

  14. Floral headband- If you want to add some seasonal fun to your outfit, grab a cute floral headband to dress up your little one! 

  15. Tan bodysuit- Slightly traditional in color, but also has a fun shade of rusty brown, plus trendy fluttery shoulders and slightly poofy sleeves!

  16. Aqua moccasins- These are perfect for the season, but super trendy by being in a fun aqua color for year-round fun!

  17. White lace bodysuit- This cute lace onesie is perfect for layering! It’s simple without being boring, and can be dressed up with some cute shoes or a headband!

  18. Yellow bodysuit- The little crochet emblem on the chest is perfect for adding a warm and cozy feel. Plus those sleeves are super fun!

  19. Pink knit overalls- These are so cute to pair over one of these onesies featured here! They look super cozy without making baby too warm, since they’re shorts!

  20. Rose gold flats- Let your little one put her best foot forward in these cute casual-but-dressy rose gold flats. If only they came in our size!

I mean... how cute are these little outfits? Don’t you just want them all?! Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY Painted Wood Necklace

A few months ago, my boss went to Mexico and brought me back this really pretty necklace. I liked it a lot, but as soon as I saw it, I thought about how cute it would look with a pop of color! It’s such a fun shape, and the two-toned wood was awesome! Adding some rainbow paint took it to the next level for me, and made it match much more of my closet. It’s super easy to do if you have any jewelry, especially souvenirs, that aren’t quite your style!

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Paint Necklace 10.jpg

You will need: 

Wood necklace (similar here or here)
Nylon cord (here)
Painters tape (here)
Jewelry closures (here)
Jewelry tools (here)
Paint in your choice of colors (similar here)
Scissors (here)
Pencil & marker

Paint Necklace Collage.jpg


  1. Decide on your pattern and tape off your wood pieces. If your tape is super sticky, you may want to make it less sticky by putting it onto something and pulling it off, like your pants, so that it has some lint as a buffer.

  2. If your necklace is like mine, now you cut it off the string. I wanted to be sure the lines for the tape matched up before cutting.

  3. Paint 2 coats. I only did the front and sides so that I didn’t have paint against my skin/clothes but it doesn’t matter either way. Whatever you prefer!

  4. Pull off the tape while paint is still wet and let dry fully.

  5. String your wood pieces back onto the string and tie a knot on the ends if necessary

  6. Add your closures after deciding on the appropriate length for the string.

Paint Necklace 8.jpg
Paint Necklace 11.jpg

I love making over items I already own to make them fit my style better. It’s so nice, especially with sentimental items that don’t get much use. What do you think about this project? Do you plan on making over some wooden jewelry sitting in your closet? Let me know in the comments below!

Maternity Style: Hamptons Stripes and Florals

On September 2nd, my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary! I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since our wedding, but time flies when you’re having fun! Since I can’t do very much right now (8.5 months pregnant and a fractured toe!) I told John I wanted to take a short driving trip somewhere and explore a new town. He picked Montauk and the Hamptons. I’ve never been, so I was so excited to go! Plus it was a fun excuse to dress up a bit. Since I’m basically trapped at home with the fractured toe, I don’t really get to dress up much. An “adventure” for me is going to a store to run a few errands once in a while. It was nice to get out and go for a walk, explore, and hang out together!

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Stripes & Downy-029.jpg

 I had bought this adorable summer dress (non-maternity!) and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to wear it somewhere. The Happens seemed perfect and although I showed off a little bit of underboob (whoops!) it was super comfy and lightweight. I got super excited and paired it with a bunch of my favorite accessories, like the bracelet I wore on my wedding day, my new heart-shaped sunglasses, and the lipstick from my wedding day.

To re-create the look, I've rounded up a few great options for each fashion piece!

Hat  1   2 

Sunglasses  1   2   3   4

Earrings  1   2   3   4

Dress  1   2   3   4   5   6

Pink Bangles  1   2   3   4

Pink Quartz  1   2  

Pearl Bracelet  1   2 

Makeup  1   2   3  

Here's some fun cell pics from the day:


As for our adventures? We visited the Montauk lighthouse, took a stroll around Gosman’s Dock in Montauk, had some lunch at Gosman’s Inlet Cafe and Sushi Bar, then headed back home. But don’t worry, we stopped at Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen for ice cream! I had pistachio and my husband had chocolate, and we took a short stroll around talking about what we’d do if we won the lotto (hint: NOT buy a house in the Hamptons!).


It was really fun to celebrate our wedding anniversary and have a fun day together before baby came. We’re just about 2 weeks away from our due date at this point! I can’t wait to go back again, this time with baby girl in tow! Have you ever been to the Hamptons/Montauk? What were your must-visit places? Let me know in the comments below!

Maternity Style: Movie Date Night

When you're pregnant in the summer, few things are as fun and refreshing as going to see a movie in an ice cold theater! It's got all our favorite things- entertainment that you get sitting down, a comfy recliner, and snacks. A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to see a movie and I  decided to try something a little different with my outfit. You see, baby HATES pants/shorts, and I get cold in the theaters but it's hella hot outside. So, I wore a maxi skirt up high so that it was nice and breezy before I got to the theater, but could be pulled down to my hip area for extra warmth when I got inside. It was also a fun alternative to wearing one of my same 7 dresses yet again!

*This post contains affiliate links

Movie Stripes.jpg

If you want to re-create the look, I've rounded up a few great options for each fashion piece! I've also linked a few scarves that you could add on for some extra warmth in the theater.

White Tanks  1  2  3 

Maxi Skirts  1  2  3  4

Bangles  1  2  3  

Shoes  1  2  3  

Clutch  1  2  3  4

Earrings  1  2  

Necklace  1  2  3  4

Belt  1  2  3 

Keychain  1  2  3 

Scarf  1  2  3  

Movie Stripes1.jpg

It's such an easy, comfy, effortless way to look stylish.

What do you wear to the movies? Do you get cold, or is the temperature just right? Let me know in the comments below!

Maternity Style: Tropical Summer Tassel Outfit at Pier17

Back on June 30, I attended the Color Block Party for Pier 17 as they re-opened and launched their new Geronimo orb installation! It was pretty hot that day and I was 6 months pregnant, but I made the most of it with a cool, lightweight dress and my very own water cup. I still feel a little bit left out when everyone's having cocktails and I can't, so having this cup made me happy! People kept coming up to me and asking me what I was drinking. Spoiler: just water!


The theme of the event was to be colorful and wear summer brights, so I wore my awesome tassel dress I got last year from Forever 21. I accessorized it with tassel everything, like earrings, a bracelet, and a keychain. I wore cute and comfy colorful crocs plus my flamingo bag for the very first time. To copy the look, I've got 3-4 options you can snag to get a similar look!

Dress  1  2  3  4

Sandals  1  2  3 

Earrings  1  2  3  4  5

Flamingo Bag  1  2  3 

Bracelet  1  2  3  4

Pineapple Cup  1  2  3 

Keychain  1  2  3  


Overall the outfit was perfect for keeping cool on such a hot day. I didn't even get to wash & style my hair because I wasn't feeling well, but putting it in a cute bun helped to keep me cool so it ended up being perfect. I brought along a matching pair of sunglasses too, but it ended up not being that sunny so I didn't need them. Into the purse they went!

My husband wasn't planning to come with me that day, but I wasn't feeling well and it was over 90 degrees on top of that, so I was thinking of not going which made me super bummed! I had already convinced all my friends to join me, but I live much farther so it was a long trip to do alone. I asked him to come and I think he felt bad for me so he joined as well! You can see by his face he was having so much fun joining us. That's sarcasm, by the way. He didn't enjoy the heat!


PS- You can tell I love a theme and picked out my husband's outfit so he could match too! As for everyone else, well... I have no control over them! Haha. Overall it was a really fun event and I love getting dressed up in fun colors, so I call that a win! So crazy that soon I'll have a mini-me to bring to all these events.

I'm hoping to post about my cute and comfy outfits and adventures more often. Hopefully it'll encourage me to dress better- hah!