DIY Pennant Flag Puns

Everyone is super excited about the Super Bowl, and I’m like cool... an excuse to have a party and eat! I’ve never really been into sports (or good at them...) so I figured for Super Bowl, I’ll just do what I do best... crafting! Since I don’t even know who’s playing, I figured I’d keep it nice and generic with some colorful, silly pennant flags that you can use for pretty much any football game in the future. And since I’m ridiculous, they’re full of funny sayings. That’s right- you can make some PUN-nant flags for your home! (see what I did there?!)

Pennant Flag Puns 18.jpg

You will need:

Pennant Flag Puns 5.jpg

Felt (similar here)
Cricut (here)
White iron-on vinyl (here)
Printer (I have this one and love it!)
Pennant template (here)
Cricut Template (here)
Iron (here)
Felt Scraps
Brown acrylic paint (here)
Glue gun
Cricut supplies & fabric scissors (here and here)
Felt football stickers (similar here)


Pennant Flag Puns Collage.jpg
  1. Cut out your vinyl on the cricut and get it ready for ironing. To learn more about using Cricut iron-on vinyl (with full instructions!) check out this post.
  2. Using your template, cut your pennant flags out of felt. If you position them efficiently, you can get at least 2 flags out of 1 piece of felt. 
  3. Iron your quotes onto the pennant flags. Let cool fully before peeling. See this post for more info.
  4. Create your felt embellishments as per the instructions below.
  5. Glue your embellishments onto the pennant flag using a glue gun.

For the finger:

Pennant Flag Puns 13.jpg

Cut a hand and finger shape out of pink felt. If you’re not sure of the shape, use a photo from online and trace it as a template onto the felt. Add a perimeter with white paint, then paint little triangles below the perimeter for knuckles. Once your paint has dried, iron the #1 onto the foam finger, then glue onto your flag. 

For the cookie:

Pennant Flag Puns cookies.jpg

Cut a squiggly oval out of tan felt. Using brown paint, add small dots for chocolate chips. My paint was named Melted Chocolate- how perfect! Let dry, then glue onto the flag. 

For the beer cup:

Pennant Flag Puns beer.jpg

Cut the shapes out of felt- a cup with handle, an oval with a flat top for the beer, a smaller oval with a flat top for the accent color, and white foam. I also cut an additional cup handle for more depth, which was basically a C-shape. Fold the cup in half, then cut the middle out of the handle. Trim as needed. Glue the felt pieces together and then glue your cup onto your flag. 

Pennant Flag Puns 14.jpg
Pennant Flag Puns 17.jpg
Pennant Flag Puns 16.jpg
Pennant Flag Puns 15.jpg

So what do you do with these now? Add a ribbon and hang them up! Or, add a stick and let your pun-nant flag fly! Or, uh... wave? What great football puns did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!