Hailey's First Birthday Mood Board: Disney World Party

I’m so excited to share my mood board for Hailey‘s first birthday party! I honestly can’t believe she’s already going to be a year old. Everyone kept telling me to enjoy my time with her while she was a baby, and I always heard my parents say how time flew by so fast and it’s so totally true. No matter what, I can’t make time slow down so I guess I might as well just accept how fast it’s going! And, that means accepting that my tiny little newborn baby is now going to be a year old. Pardon me while I go cry.

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Looking for a fun birthday party theme? How about a vintage Disney World or Disneyland theme party?! Everyone loves Disney and with this party, you get to bring the magical parks to you. Click for the party plan, plus links to these items! #disneylandparty #disneyworldparty #firstbirthdaytheme

I had a difficult time deciding what theme I wanted to do for Hailey‘s birthday party. Some ideas that crossed my mind were a horse themed party, since she loves Spirit on Netflix or a Day of the Dead/Mexican Fiesta themed party, since she loves Coco! In the end, I decided to go with something I always love to do: Disney!

You see, way back when I was still pregnant, I told John that would be really fun to do her first birthday at Disney World. He pretty much thought I was insane. So, I decided that I would just bring Disney World to her! For the theme, since it’s so vague, I decided to pick a color scheme/palette that will keep the whole event looking cohesive. I know that Disney World has a whole lot of different colors and even varies based on the part of Disney that you’re in, but we all know that I’m not an Imagineer and therefore I need to keep my stuff cohesive.

Looking for a fun birthday party theme? How about a vintage Disney World or Disneyland theme party?! Everyone loves Disney and with this party, you get to bring the magical parks to you. Click for the party plan, plus links to these items! #disneylandparty #disneyworldparty #firstbirthdaytheme

Sources: Minnie Crown. It’s a Small World Backdrop. Disneyland Hotel Print. Castle Cupcake Stand. Pink and Gold Cups. Carousel. Pastel Fans and Paper Poms. 1 Candle. Striped Fans. Once Upon A Time Banner.

I wanted to have a sort of nostalgic/vintage vibe for the party while also being super modern and fresh. I started my search (as I always do) on Pinterest and pinned some parties for inspiration. I don’t want the party to be overly character-based, so I’m avoiding tons of Disney princesses or Mickey Mouse everywhere. I also didn’t want it to look too cluttered so I’m avoid polkadots for the most part.

After pinning my inspiration pics, I went on Etsy to look for vintage posters for the party. I focused on Disneyland or Disney World rides/attractions and made sure that the pictures fit in the general color scheme. I also originally wanted to create an It’s a Small World photo backdrop wall, but instead decided that I would just order one that was pre-made to avoid the extra effort of making it myself. In the past I definitely would have made it to save a few bucks, but the new mom version of me knows that there’s limited hours in a day and that was not worth spending time on! However, just know it would’ve been amazing ;)

Then I went on my favorite site ever, Amazon, to look up some additional party details like decorations, plates, and outfit choices for Hailey. Since there’s a Party City near me as well, and I’m able to more closely match the theme colors by being able to see them in person, I decided to look on there too. Overall I’m happy with the way that the event is shaping up and I’m excited to place my orders this week so that everything can arrive for the party!

Side note: I’m also considering creating a planning course so that you can see exactly how I plan my parties and can show you, step-by-step, how to plan a party of your own. If you’d like to be notified when the course is ready and get the free planning guide, enter your email here and I’ll send you some updates along the way plus some tips and tricks for planning the party of your dreams. 

In the meantime, If you have a party that you need help planning and want a special Cathy touch, visit my virtual party planning page so that you can book me to virtually plan your event! We’ll do a video call to discuss what you had in mind, I’ll come up with a theme and color scheme for you based off of what we discussed, and I’ll pin all the inspiration photos as well as let you know exactly what order to make your event a big success! Click the image below for more info on that.

Well, there you go! Hailey’s party is in less than two weeks so I’m off to go finish planning! It’s going to be really amazing, and I hope it’s something she can look back on some day (in photos, of course) and see how much fun we had together! I want to know- what was the theme you did for your baby’s first birthday? It’s such a special event to plan!