Steal the Look- Target's Art Class + Museum Of Ice Cream Collections

Oh my gosh you guys! Have you even SEEN the adorable Art Class + Museum Of Ice Cream Collections at Target?! Literally so jealous that all these items are made for kids. They get ALL the good stuff! The good thing is that although they don't have any adult items (cue tears) they do have some awesome items you can use for yourself. Check out these items you can snag from the Art Class + Museum Of Ice Cream Collection that will be sure to add some sweetness to your wardrobe!

Art Class + Museum Of Ice Cream Collections

Gummy Bear Fanny Pack
Ok, fanny packs don't exactly have the best rep in the biz. They're best known for being a 90's staple, or something only tourists and dorky parents wear. BUT I think this fanny pack can change your mind! First off, it has gummy bears. Yum! And second, it's transparent and will blend in better with your outfit. They're really rocking' the clear trends with this collaboration! Note that since this is for kids, the waist strap may be a little short. Buyer beware!

Sprinkle Print Lanyard
Man oh man do I love this lanyard! If you need to carry your ID card for school, work, or even going on cruises, you HAVE to get this sprinkle lanyard! It's such a perfect shade of pink, and it has a hanging ice cream cone. RUN, don't walk, to get it! If you don't carry an ID, it can be used for your keys, a mini-wallet for trips to the deli, or even at the gym!

Kid's 3pk MOIC Pin Set
Let's be honest- we all LOVE enamel pins! These are perfect to use anywhere, for anyone of any size. Put them on your purse, your lapel, your jean jacket... heck, even store them as wall decor! This set features a cute-as-pie ice cream truck, MOIC signature banana, and a soft-serve cone for obvious reasons.

Top Handle Crossbody Bag
Although it may be a little small, you can totally carry this mini purse around to the mall or on a small day trip! It'll fit the essentials- wallet, keys, lip gloss, and sunglasses. Plus it has a cute little sprinkle scarf and lining!

Banana Print Backpack
This backpack is bananas! No but seriously, how perfect is this backpack. It's perfect for commuters to carry their books and a snack, or just for wandering around in the park. Take it along hiking or to grab a few items at Target- the choice is yours! It's perfect for casual Fridays or to look cute anytime.

Lunch Bag with Ice Pack
If ever there was a reason to bring your own lunch to work, THIS IS IT!  Aside from being the freakin cutest little lunch bag, this comes with a soft-serve cone ice pack to keep everything cool. Bringing your own lunch saves money and the environment, since you won't purchase food that comes in one-time use plastics or styrofoam, then gets carried back to the office in a plastic bag. 

BTW- who do we have to contact to get these cute clothes in adult sizes?! Kids get all the good stuff! What do you think of this collaboration? Are you in love, or do you think it's nothing to brag about? Are you planning to get any items in the collection? Let me know in the comments below!