Welcome to Party HarDIY!

Oh hey... We're Moving! Well, the blog is. 

PHD launch3.jpg

I'm so excited to announce that WellKeptChaos is now Party HarDIY. 

Why Party HarDIY?

The name came about when I was looking for a fun email sign-off. I wanted it to be silly and party related, so I came up with Party HarDIY. I suddenly realized that this name stood for exactly what my blog was about- party ideas, DIY projects, and being a little bit cheesy. Ok, very cheesy. I got really excited, with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. I realized this was the perrrrrfect name for my silly little blog, and that I had to make the change. Well, after some deliberation, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get that done. 

The Good News:

The content is going to stay the same. You'll still get awesome party ideas and DIY projects that you LOVE.

Oh, and I'm still here. That's right, your favorite hostess is still going to be here, yapping about DIY's, giving advice, and throwing amazing parties. I'll also still be offering my virtual party planning services so that your parties can be as stellar as you are.

Catherine 3.jpg

What's Changing:

Well, for starters, our logo in the corner is different, and soon our URL will be too. I'm still working out the best way to make the switch, so if you have any advice, send it over my way!

My social media channels made the switch today! You can now find us @PartyHarDIY on all the social media channels- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Be sure to follow us!

Oh, and my name changed too! I just got married in September, so Catherine Sarlis has become Catherine Cardona. 

New Stuff:

As if all this wasn't enough, there's a few new things coming up the pipeline!

For starters... I'm opening up a shop. That's right, soon you'll be able to purchase your very own PartyHarDIY goodies!! The exact details will have to stay a secret for now (darn!) but I promise it's gonna be really good. You don't want to miss out, so join the wait list, and you'll be the very first to know what's going down! 

School's out for summer.... but soon it'll be back in session! I'm creating some e-courses to teach you about a few different topics. I always imagined I'd become a teacher when I was a kid, so it's only fitting that I start teaching classes!  Soon enough, you'll be able to get a PHD all your own (get it... PartyHarDIY?). 

I'll definitely keep you guys updated as all the changes happen, but I'm so excited/relieved to reveal this secret that I've been hiding for a while now! I'm so excited to see the new direction of the blog, and I hope you all continue to follow along!

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