How to Plan an End of Summer Backyard Smores Party

It's official guys- Summer 2016 is coming to a close! Since I finished school a few years ago, summers just haven't been the same. Instead of having 2 months off to frolic on the beach or go camping, I've been spending most of my time indoors, working. It's always caused me to feel a bit impartial towards the summer. This year, however was different. Since we purchased a house, we now have a yard to hang out in and relax. It's enabled me to spend more time outdoors, and be able to enjoy the summer again!

Since today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, I've created this backyard smores party to close out the summer and start the fall off on the right foot. This party is perfect if you have a grassy yard, or even a small balcony. It's also great if you wanted to go camping, but just didn't have the time this summer. You can still enjoy a night under the stars with some tasty smores!

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How to Plan an End of Summer Backyard Smores Party.

1. Geometric Lantern 2. Furry Throw Pillow 3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera 4. Birch Paper Straws 5. Hello Sun Throw Pillow 6. Metal Camping Lantern 7. Picnic Blanket 8. Prism Party Plates 9. Birchwood Fancy Cutlery 10. Tufted Floor Pillow 11. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

So, how exactly does one plan a Backyard Smores Party?

First things first, you have to have a great blanket to put down. This blanket has a waterproof backing so your butt doesn't get wet! It also folds up easily, which makes it perfect for picnics and camping adventures. The fun plaid pattern easily transitions from summer to fall, so you can continue to use it year round! 

Next, you need to make your blanket comfy. Add lots of throw pillows so you can lounge in style. These floor pillows are large enough to sit on, and the tufting makes them look fancy! This Mongolian faux fur pillow is soft and warm, which will help with chilly nights by the fire. Plus the pink color is adorable- it reminds me of a teddy bear. Adding this Hello Sun throw pillow will be a cheery reminder of all the summer fun you had!

Summertime activities are all about creating memories. The Fujifilm Instax instant camera will help you capture them! Something about these instant photos makes you instantly nostalgic- you realize that the moment is becoming a memory you'll never get back.

As it gets dark, you'll need some lanterns to light the way. This geometric lantern is battery operated and gives off a soft yellow light, while this metal camping lantern is LED and gives off tons of light. I have the camping lanterns and love them- they're functional and cute! They'll add some ambiance as the sun goes down. 

Since you don't make a mess on your picnic blanket, you should probably get some plates! These Prism Party Plates from Oh Happy Day are colorful, large and sturdy. Add this birchwood fancy cutlery so that you can scoop up any chocolaty, gooey bits that fall onto your plate. Finally, add these birch paper straws so that you can enjoy some milk (or a cocktail!) to wash down those smores.

And last, but certainly not least, you'll need a good set of skewers! These marshmallow roasting sticks are really cute- they're such a nice mint/aqua color. They have a telescoping handle, so they pack up easily for storage or bringing with you on camping trips. Plus, they have great reviews on Amazon!

Now all you need is some smores! Check out this amazing Smores post from Cooking Classy! No seriously, these are some of the tastiest smores I've ever seen. I want to make them all!

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