Spice Girls Rainbow Spa Slumber Party

Happy 20-year anniversary of the Spice World release in the US!!! That's right, the movie itself is almost old enough to be able to drink!! Do you remember the first time you went to see it? We waited just a little bit too long and it was out of most theaters, but there was this small theater by my grandma's house in Hells Kitchen and they still had it on! So my parents took us along with grandma (who barely spoke English, since she was from Greece) and we all watched it together. After watching it, my sister and I literally wanted to re-create the whole thing with our Barbies, so we turned our doll house into the Spice Tour Bus and made our Barbies into the Spice Girls. Ugh, it was such a magical time! This movie brings me so much nostalgia.

Anyway, before I start to REALLY ramble... one of my favorite scenes in Spice World was the one where the girls are all laying in robes under a magically colored tent. It's such a short scene, but I always wanted to recreate that party and hang out there! Unfortunately, it's winter here in NYC and it's fudging COLD so I decided to virtually create this scene for anyone to attempt! 

Ever wished you could be the Spice Girls? Throw yourself a rainbow spa slumber party just like the one in Spice World! You'll be sure to make everyone jealous.

1. White Paper Lanterns 2. Toe Separators 3. Orange Robe 4. Nail Scrub Brushes 5. Pedicure Slipper 6. Green Robe 7. Yellow Robe 8. Chupa Chups Lollipops 9. Diet Pepsi 10. Purple Robe 11. White Tent 12. Pink Robe 13. Orange Blanket 14. Blue Pillows 15. Cow Print Pillow Cover 16. Curtain Panels

Setting Up

To set the scene, you’ll want to set up your tent in the grass, or even indoors if it’ll fit. Lay down your orange blanket (1 or 2, depending on the size of your tent) and throw some pillows around to make it comfy. If you’re putting the tent on the grass, you may want to get a waterproof liner for your blanket so you don’t end up with a moist blanket and wet butts!  Then, take your curtain panels and go around the tent to hang them for some privacy and color. Depending on the style of your tent, I recommend using hook clips for an affordable and easy method of hanging! 

I really wanted this party to have that same cozy feel as the one in the movie, plus the really bright and quirky 90’s ridiculousness we all loved. Since we don’t really have an occasion to set up a tent and sit around lounging in the grass like the Spice Girls, I figured a slumber party/spa day would be the perfect excuse! You can get some super affordable items, like spa flip flops, scrubber brushes, and colorful toe separators. Invite each girl to bring their favorite shade of bright polish, or order a set of these rainbow nail polishes so everyone can choose their fave. It would make a great party favor!

Getting in the 90's Mood

Play your favorite 90’s playlist, or blast some Spice Girls as you get pampered in style. Or, you can even grab a portable DVD player or your laptop to play Spice World in the background.

The girls all wear these plush, oversized robes in bright pink, orange, green, yellow, and a purplish-blue for Posh. Super appropriate, right? Haha. The girls are drinking Pepsi and enjoying their candy of choice, chupa chups, so I included those as well.  You can always opt for something healthier, like cucumber water and a fruit and veggie platter. Or, go all out 90's with some of your favorite 90's snacks, like Fruit by the Foot, Gusher's, and Ring Pops.

Say You'll Be There

Are you guys just dying to throw this party?! It's fulfilling all my 90's dreams, I'll tell you that much! So, which scene from Spice World did you want to recreate? And, which Spice Girl was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! (PS- I loved Ginger!)