My 8 Favorite Places for Party Supplies

This is part two of my party planning series. Be sure to check out the first installment!

So, you've decided on your theme, pinned some great ideas, and made an awesome menu. Now what? How does your party go from dream to reality? For starters, you have to know the right places to go for your supplies! Here is a list of my all-time favorite places to go for my party needs.

Are you planning a party but don’t know where to buy your party supplies? I’ve got a list of my 8 favorite places to buy affordable party supplies that are also really cute! #partyplanning #partysupplies

Amazon- I love to order my party supplies from Amazon. I use Prime when possible, but when things aren't available on Prime, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks or pay to rush shipping. Giving yourself a little time can help you save on shipping costs, which can add up. Order things as soon as you decide on them to avoid unnecessary rush shipping costs.

Oriental Trading- I love browsing Oriental Trading for party supplies! I use this site for our monthly birthday parties at work. I'm always getting free shipping coupons from them, so I try to place my orders as early as possible to utilize them. Depending on how much I order, I can save $20/month this way!

Target- Target has some really cute party supplies. If you're on a budget, check out their dollar section first. I've found some really cute spring themed supplies and patterned straws for only $1 each! I also like to peruse the clearance sections after a holiday.  This is a great way to get cute decor and supplies for half the price. Just make sure you keep them organized to find them next year ;)

Christmas Tree Shops- I'm not sure if this store is available nationwide, but their stock goes WAY beyond Christmas decor! My parents introduced me to this store several years ago and I am hooked. They have awesome and affordable party supplies and decor items for each season. I've purchased really cute patterned plates, fun lights, outdoor decor... you name it, they have it!

Are you planning a party but don’t know where to buy your party supplies? I’ve got a list of my 8 favorite places to buy affordable party supplies that are also really cute! #partyplanning #partysupplies

Marshall's/TJMaxx/HomeGoods- While disposable party supplies isn't what these stores are known for, you can find some really cute party supplies here! Near the register, I've found some great printed napkins in a large pack for only $3. In their baking section, you can find seasonal sprinkles or cupcake liners and toppers. If you have some storage space, you can also find some fun ceramic party platters and tiered trays to match a holiday or color scheme.

Dollar Tree- This store is perfect if you're trying to throw a party on a budget! The party supplies can be great, but they can also be super cheesy. In order to prevent your party from looking cheap, only get things that are well-made or very generic. I like to get my solid colored items from there. I can mix those in with nicer, patterned plates and napkins to really stretch out my budget while matching the theme.

Oh Happy Day- This site has the cutest party stuff! They have some of the most unique items to make your party pin-worthy. My favorite are their mini honeycomb balls and this kitten tumbler. As an added bonus, you can check out their blog for some great DIY tips!

Around your house- Before your party, take a walk around to see what you can add to your party to enhance your theme. Look for items that are the same color or go along with the theme. You can add some rain boots for your garden/spring themed party, or use an old curtain as a tablecloth. I've also used pen cups for utensils, paper organizers for napkins, and a small shelf for holding all my party supplies and decor items.

I'm a bit of a hoarder, so after my parties I like to keep all the extra supplies, even if there aren't too many left over. I put plates and napkins in a large baggie so that it's protected from dust and dirt, but also easy to see. This also keeps each set separated for easy use next time. I keep utensils in baggies separated by color. It's much easier than tossing them all in one bag and sifting through for each color. In addition, it's easier to quantify and mix and match this way.  

You might be wondering, what do I do with these small amounts of random leftover supplies? You can either mix them in with your stuff for your next party (especially if you have random snacks scattered around your house), use them on the wall with your decor, or keep them on hand in case you run out at your next theme party. Better to grab a slightly mismatched set than random Christmas plates!

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What are your favorite places to get party supplies?