Happy International Women's Day!

Happy (day after) International Women’s Day! Today I wanted to spend some time highlighting some of my fave female business owners! There are so so soooo many amazing women out there doing a variety of things, but I wanted to highlight my fave small business/shop owners! These ladies make and curate some amazing content and I felt it was only fair to give them a shout out on this holiday. So, get that credit card ready- you’re gonna want to support these ladies!!

Happy International Women's Day! Today on the blog I'm sharing my favorite colorful shops- all owned by some amazing ladies! Click to see the full list.

1. Ottoman 2. Pillow 3. Sunglasses 4. Clutch 5. Unicorn Pin 6. Necklace


Joy/ OhJoy!- I’ve loved Joy’s items from the very first time I saw them at Target. I’ve probably wanted every single piece! She’s now also got an awesome shop chock full of goodies, a furniture line, luggage (!!) as well as a Cheeky collection at Target! 

Veronica/Sharptooth Snail -Veronica is a personal friend of mine that I met online through a class I took! Aside from being the most amazingly helpful person, she’s got an awesome geeky-cool shop filled with pins, resin figurines, and T-shirts. Oh, and did you know her work was used by NASA?!? Pretty freakin amazing! 

Kelly/Studio DIY- Kelly’s shop is filled with all kids of colorful, happy items! There’s so much to choose from, but my favorite has to be her Can’t Clutch This subscription! As a kid, I never had enough money for monthly subscription boxes, so this totally makes my day every time it arrives! 


Kara/Kailo Chic -Kara had got to be one of the busiest little bees I’ve ever seen! She’s always releasing new blog content, along with both handmade and designed items. I love everything she does, and I’m personally in awe of how she gets it all done so quickly! If you’re into confetti housewares and colorful throw pillows (who isn’t...?) you’ve got to visit her shop!

Ashley/Sugar & Cloth- Aside from her cutest creation, little baby Gwen, Ashley launched a gorgeous collection with Amazon!! If that’s not goals, I’m not sure what is! Some of her items sold out immediately and I’m not surprised- they’re gorgeous! 

Caren/Caren Kinne Artwork- Caren’s abstract, colorful paintings are the perfect addition to any space that needs a little excitement! Her fun figures are often based on real people, and to me they’re reminiscent of the Little Miss Sunshine- type books from when I was a kid. If artwork isn’t your think (who are you?!) Caren also offers her paintings on tote bags, etc. 


Jenni & Leah/Love & Lion- Taking temporary tattoos to. Whole new (adult) level! I love all their amazing designs and they even do custom tattoos too!  

Natalie/Cultivate Love LA- Natalie’s Smart and Pretty Club obliterated the idea that a woman has to be either/or. Her shop is filled with books and it’s only growing! Stop by to grab your next read or my personal fave, this pin! 

Marisa/The Neon Tea Party- I met this sweet little lady at a NYC meetup with Jeff and Kelly of StudioDIY. I actually thought she was someone else but my opening line to her was “do you make jewelry?!” Interestingly enough, she did! I really love her fun Pom Pom arts but if you’re itching to learn, she teaches classes in NYC too! 


Emma & Elsie/ABM & Oui Fresh- ok, what don’t these girls do? They’ve got their Oui Fresh Shop, happy mail, natural makeup and essential oils line, cookbooks, an app!! 

Mary/Uncustomary Love- despite the fact that she’s a child of the rainbow, Mary spouts positivity in all the best ways! From a stuffed animal slumber party to sending snail mail, her  shop is full of quirky and amazing things you can’t find anywhere else. One of her best offerings has to be her body positivity course! In a world where we are taught to hate our bodies, it’s so important to give it some love. 

Amber/Dixie and Twine- from banners with all the trendiest sayings to adorable confetti, Amber’s ship has everything you need to make your party hip! Plus, you gotta love her amazing product photography!


Abbey/Daily Disco- If ever there was something that seemed like a fun hobby-turned-career, this is it! Abbey’s chainstitch embroidery is colorful, cool, and coveted! She does amazing custom jackets for brides, moms, kids... it’s adorable! She also sells patches that you can add to any item you want. 

Jess/The Knit Knack Shop- my husband has known Jess’ husband since elementary school, so I have the pleasure of knowing her in person! She’s a teacher by day, crochet-er by night. My favorite things from her shop have to be her little cactus plants! I kill every plant I get, so having something that can’t die seems perfect! She’s also a huge Harry Potter fan and makes all sorts of adorable amigurumi animals, characters and monsters. 

Cathy/PartyHarDIY- Yep, that's me! I opened my shop in December 2017 and it's filled with colorful statement jewelry and fun keychains! And, I have big plans to expand it this year. You can save 17% off with the code MARCH17 until St. Paddy's Day!

There you have it! Some of my very favorite shops from my fave biz babes out there on the interwebs. Who are your favorite female-owned businesses? Let me know in the comments below!