Tropical Bachelorette Party

Ok, it’s been about 2 years now, but I’m finally sharing the details about my tropical bachelorette party! We rented a hotel in Philly and my sister locked me out while she and my friends decorated everything. They know how much I love a party! When I was finally allowed in, I was amazed because everything looked SO GOOD. I didn’t take any good pictures in the hotel room (it was dark and lots of mirrors around!) so I brought everything back home with me on the bus and set it up so that I could photograph it. Then, I apparently left the pictures for two years and well, here we are now! This party was a really fun summer idea that’s pretty simple to execute. All you need are a few party supplies!

Tropical Bachelorette 2.jpg

For starters, you’ll need a simple tablecloth and a tiki table runner. I added flamingo wrapping paper as a backdrop and topped it with a pineapple garland. The decor was really simple- anything with a flamingo, palm tree pr pineapple was fair game! We also had some (ahem) naughty straws and other items, but I kept those out of the photos. I’ll keep it PG over here!

Tropical Bachelorette 12.jpg

As part of the decor we had some really fun bridal/engagement themed items. First up were these great diamond ring shot glasses. We were able to put a little bit of alcohol in there and take a sip which is pretty funny, although they weren’t necessarily that useful. We also had these amazing light up engagement rings which were my favorite. You know this girl loves anything that lights up or glows so this was definitely one of my favorites. We also had a crown that said I was the bride to be.

Tropical Bachelorette 5.jpg
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As for activities we play the game Most Likely To. This is fun since were all really good friends and know each other really well. We also played a game of naughty ring toss which is actually really funny. We also took turns using it as a unicorn horn and throwing the rings at each other’s head. Other than that we didn’t really play any games since we spent most of our time sightseeing and going to bars and restaurants.

My sister got all the cutest table items for the bachelorette party! For starters we have these great palm tree and pineapple napkins which were so perfect for the theme. We also had these reusable cups- one set was Tiki and the other set was pineapple cups. For me she had purchased a gold disco ball pineapple cup which I still use to this day because I love it so much! For decor, we also added some fake flowers all around which helps add to the tropical feel. We also had lots of leaves because we all know that the tropical locations have so much lush greenery.

Tropical Bachelorette 11.jpg
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Before the bachelorette party, my sister and I took a trip to Michael’s to grab some last minute items for a “secret project”. I took a look into her shopping basket and noticed she had a few items. I immediately asked her “are we making floral crowns?” She said “how did you know?!” because it was just a bunch of random items in the cart. I insisted that she let me help her make them- I always wanted to learn how to make flower crowns, so this was a really exciting opportunity for me. We were able to make flower crowns for all the girls which we wore to a pool party and a little bit for sightseeing. It was really fun and help us all look kind of matching since we didn’t wear the same colors or have T-shirts or anything like that. We use some of the leftover flowers as decor, placing them in the drink cups and all around the table.

Tropical Bachelorette 5.jpg
Tropical Bachelorette 14.jpg

My sister also got some really cute favors for everyone! First up where are these customized pouches that she got for all the girls from Etsy. Inside she placed customized Chapstick. I ended up bringing these to my wedding and we use them in our wedding photos as well. I still use that pouch when I travel so it’s definitely a perfect favor to give everyone!

Tropical Bachelorette 7.jpg

My sister also had a lot of balloons that she had brought, but unfortunately when we were bringing them home they ended up flying away! I was really bummed because they were super cute. I also felt so bad that they flew away because it’s terrible for the environment. My sister also made custom letter donuts (what?!) that she displayed on the bed.

Even if you’re not planning to go away or go to a hotel room, you can definitely use this tropical bachelorette theme party for your bride. It would make a great backyard party, as well as something in the home or even at the beach! And if you don’t have a bride to be in your life, you can also use this party theme for a birthday or graduation party!

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I think that one of my favorite parts of the theme is that everything is reusable. If you have any leftover supplies, you can use it for a summer barbecue or end of summer party of some sort. Most bachelorette party supplies are kind of cheesy with everything saying “put a ring on it”, or have weird things like zebra print and marabou feathers. That’s the type of stuff you can’t really reuse and you would probably just throw away right after the party. Because I’m making an effort now to have everything in my parties be reusable, I want to make sure that my blog posts are able to do that too. That’s why I think this would be a great party for anyone. I always end up bringing special cups to parties and I even used these pineapple ones when I was pregnant and it made everyone want what I had- which was just water!

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