Wedding Planning Update- Just 3 More Months!

Oh my gosh, you guys!!! My wedding is less than 3 months away. 87 days!! I can't wait for it to be here. I feel panicked because I have so much to do, and also feel sad that it'll be over soon. All at the same time. I've basically become an emotional mess lately and even the smallest things make me cry. I'm that person now. Anyway... here's what's been happening. 

Wedding Update- 3 More Months! This month we're chatting about charger plates, choosing suits, favors, and more! Click for the full post.

Invites-Picked and Packed!

Ah, invitations. The bane of my existence for the last 8 months. I really wanted my sister to design some invites for us, and her first draft was really cute! Unfortunately, as with many DIY projects, these were going to cost wayyyy more to print them ourselves than to purchase pre-made ones. And so we sadly had to scrap our idea :( Luckily, we were able to find some nice invitations online from Wedding Paper Divas. With a half off coupon, we were able to purchase them for $422.80, including custom foil, expedited shipping, and addressing the envelopes! Our original quotes were over $1k, and to custom print with foil we were quoted over $1,800 (!!!), so this was an amazing price. They're all packed up and ready to get shipped this week.

Wedding Song- Chosen!

They say when you snooze you lose, but for me it worked out. I was too tired to get up when my alarm went off, so I stayed in bed listening to the radio and heard a song that I thought would be perfect. I looked up the lyrics and started crying. But, I hated the radio version so I found a cover! I like it so much better, and every time it comes in the radio when we drive I get so emotional and excited for our wedding. I can't wait to dance together.

Wedding Update- 3 More Months! This month we're chatting about charger plates, choosing suits, favors, and more! Click for the full post.

Bridal Party Outfits- Done!

Dresses have been purchased! My sister got her dress from RK Bridal in the city (where I got my dress) and my mom got hers from Lord & Taylor. Since my sister is technically my only bridesmaid, this made things a bit easier. We went to a few stores and she tried on a bunch of different styles, but we settled on a lace and chiffon one. My mom has 2 dresses she bought and is trying to narrow it down to see which one she likes better. My dad also found his suit, a black Sean John suit haha.

Suits- Explored

We started looking into a suit for John and his brother. We checked Jos. A Bank, where the salesman was very kind. John has really broad shoulders (which I LOVE) but they make finding a suit difficult. Most suits made for a man with shoulders as large as his are much larger men in general, so the jackets looked giant on him. They suggested making a custom suit, which would only cost slightly more than buying one off the rack. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted yet, so we paused that. Then, we went to men's warehouse, where we didn't see any colors we liked. The salesman told us that we should come back in early June to see the new colors, so we decided to wait until then before making any decisions. We are going this weekend to see them, and hopefully we can decide on his suit! 

Wedding Shoes- Ordered! 

Since our wedding ceremony will be outside, I wanted a wedge instead of a heel. I also wanted them to be pink and to have some sparkle. Luckily, Badgley Mischka had just what I needed. I got them on Amazon and I saved about $70 on them! The wedge heel has some texture on it which I love, and they actually feel pretty comfortable. 

Wedding Update- 3 More Months! This month we're chatting about charger plates, choosing suits, favors, and more! Click for the full post.

Napkins- Ordered

We ordered some cute custom printed napkins from For Your Party to put out at cocktail hour. I had already wanted to order some, and they had them at a wedding we went to. It was super cute! Luckily, this made convincing John to get them that much easier. I'm sneaking Disney references into my wedding any way I can, and these napkins were no exception ;)

Charger Plates- Ordered

This was a debate from a few months ago when we were wondering how nice we should go with the table settings. We looked into a rental company and there were all sorts of options for chargers. In the end, it didn't seem worth it to me to rent, essentially, a fake decorative plate for $5/piece. I was able to purchase them from Dollar Tree for a fraction of the cost, less than $200! Plus they're mine to keep so I can sell them after the wedding if I want to. I had purchased the same ones for my Dollar Store Easter Decorations post and I think they look pretty good! 

Wedding Update- 3 More Months! This month we're chatting about charger plates, choosing suits, favors, and more! Click for the full post.

Favors- Picked! 

Hooray! Our favors have been ordered! I don't want to give too much away since I know my family likes to read these updates (oh, hey guys!) but we ordered some cute and whimsical favors for everyone. We ordered them from Wedding Favors Unlimited, which offers price matching and $20 off if you find a lower price than theirs! Also, it shipped to us really quickly! From the date we ordered, it took 2 days for them to arrive. We'll also be giving out Jordan almonds since it's traditional and there should at least be some traditional elements, right?! 


Need to do:

Rehearsal dinner- Booking the venue for the rehearsal dinner has been on my list for a long time! Well actually... it was on John's. But somehow it made its way over my list, as it seems everything else has! We still haven't officially booked this and I'm so eager to cross it off. We are so close on this one.

Plan our ceremony- One of our friends is performing the ceremony, so we need to finalize all the little details to make it a great and memorable ceremony.

John's suit- Although we browsed suit options, we need to get his suit ordered since we are thinking of doing a custom suit. 

Centerpieces & decor- We ordered our flowers, but I want to buy any other centerpieces and decor items we need!

Schedule dress fitting- My dress is set to arrive next month, so I need to figure out exactly when and make an appointment for a fitting and alterations. I'm a little anxious about that, since there will be about 6 weeks between receiving my dress and my wedding day. No pressure.

Veil and accessories- Um, yea. I need to get on this! I'm going to attempt to make my own veil since they are SO expensive to buy. I want to try to make it soon, and if it doesn't work out, I'll bite the bullet and buy one. I also need jewelry, undergarments, hair accessories, and a purse I guess? 

Dresses upon dresses- I need to get a dress for the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the 2 other weddings I have this year... Here, just take all my money.

Get legally wed- Our wedding ceremony will only be symbolic, so we are going to city hall (or something) to be legally married. We need to do this sorta soon, since some over-eager bozo decided to book a ticket in her new married name, thinking it would be really easy to do a name change. Yeaaaa.

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Although I am pretty overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do, I like these updates because it shows me that although the To Do List is still reaaaally long, it's actually getting shorter and things are getting done. So, what's your favorite part of weddings? Is there something you saw once that you thought was great, or terrible? Any tips to make a wedding the BEST WEDDING EVER?! Let me know in the comments below!