Wedding Planning Update- Just 5 More Months!

Ok guys, it's happening... the wedding is less than FIVE months away! I can't wrap my head around how crazy that is, which is probably a good thing, because if I do I'll probably start to panic about my never-ending to do list. Last we spoke, I was getting ready to head to my wedding venue to wrap up a few things. Here's what we did so far.

Wedding Update- 5 More Months! This month we're chatting about cake tasting, choosing flowers, and more! Click for the full post.

Maid of Honor- Chosen!

Ok ok, my sister knew she was the maid of honor, but we sealed the deal by officially asking her. I wanted to do something special for her, so I made her a box and filled it with some fun goodies. A blog post about that is right here so you can make your own!

Wedding Update- 5 More Months! This month we're chatting about cake tasting, choosing flowers, and more! Click for the full post.

Food Tasting- Done!

That's right guys, we did our food tasting! This was actually really fun, even tough we did it at 10am haha. The food at our venue is SO GOOD, which is a relief for me. I was really afraid that maybe it would only be meh, since I've never eaten there before! However, I'm pleased to say that everything was tasty and attractive. We tried about 6 appetizers, and 3-4 main courses. We are doing a cocktail hour at the wedding (which we'll miss because we are taking photos), hot and cold appetizers, and a buffet dinner. I really hope I get to eat that day, because I'm really excited for the food haha. 

Wedding Update- 5 More Months! This month we're chatting about cake tasting, choosing flowers, and more! Click for the full post.

Cake Tasting- Done!

Right after our food tasting, we did the cake tasting. I was really excited for the cake tasting, but it was actually really difficult to do. First off, it was hard to decide on the combinations, since we had 4 cake flavors and 5 fillings to try. But, worst of all, it was nauseating! The cake and fillings were really sweet, and it could have been the fact that it was about 10:30am, but I started to get sick of it after a while. Since my fiance had strong feelings about what he wanted as the filling, I let him decide. I really couldn't eat anymore cake to come up with an alternative. We picked a raspberry jam filling, with one tier of chocolate cake and one tier of vanilla cake. Mmmm. For anyone wondering, we tried cake flavors in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry swirl, and raspberry swirl. For the fillings, we tried raspberry jam, raspberry mousse, Bavarian creme, custard with fresh strawberries, and white chocolate mousse.

Flowers/Wedding Colors- Done!

We met with our florist to go over the flowers for the wedding, and in doing so we finally narrowed down the color scheme for the wedding. I was super unsure about what to pick for colors, but in the end I'm excited with the ones I chose, because they feel very "me". I think it'll look gorgeous in the flowers as well! I'm a little nervous about the flowers, since I'm the rare girl that hates roses, but we are doing a mix of flowers and should only be having garden roses in our arrangements, which are very large and open. They barely look like roses! Otherwise, I'll have to learn to love roses and hopefully associate them with my wedding day.

Wedding Rentals- Done!

At the Bridal show, we met someone that did wedding rentals, so we set up a meeting with him. He came armed with lots of amazing goodies to dress up our tables, like sequin tablecloths, charger plates, napkins, utensils, etc. We decided to add some draping to the reception, as well as some nice napkin rings as well. Then it came to the debate- should we upgrade to nicer utensils, napkins and charger plates? We began to wonder if our family would notice, and in the end we decided it wasn’t worth the added cost. Everything adds up, and we decided to instead go with other stuff that would make the reception more fun, instead of just prettier. My biggest debate was with the charger plates. The glass ones were SO PRETTY but they cost about 5x more than the ones from Dollar Tree. I asked on a wedding Facebook group what they thought about charger plates. Nearly everyone said they went with the Dollar Tree ones and didn’t regret it.

Wedding Update- 5 More months! This month we're chatting about cake tasting, choosing flowers, and more! Click for the full post.

Needs to get done:

Dresses for my mom and sister- These ladies helped me pick my dress, so now I need to help them pick theirs! Anyone know of any good places to go? We tried David's Bridal and Macy's, but there wasn't anything too wow-worthy there.

Wedding Invitations- Yea, we need to pick or create these, and get them mailed out soon! Our wedding is on a holiday weekend, so we want people to know all the deets ASAP. My sister is a graphic designer, so she may work on creating some for us. Depends on timing!

Hair & Makeup Trial- I have to go to my venue (3 hrs away!) for my hair and makeup trial. I have a good idea of what I want to do for my hair, so that's fine. Now I need to decide on makeup. I rarely wear makeup, so I'm hoping I can just look like a glam version of myself, instead of looking like a stranger!

Misc Decor- My FAVORITE part of party planning is coming up, and that's purchasing the decor!! I'm so so excited for this! I have a good idea of what I want, so I just need to go shopping. Any excuse, right? ;)

Overall I think we're making good headway, but I think we really need to start acting fast to get thing done, and avoid scrambling at the last minute! I'm going to take it one day at a time, but I think I need to get my to-do list in order ;) So, what are your tips for getting wedding planning tasks in order? Should I make lists, add tasks to my calendar, don't sweat the small stuff?! Let me know in the comments below!