Spice Girls Rainbow Spa Slumber Party

Happy 20-year anniversary of the Spice World release in the US!!! That's right, the movie itself is almost old enough to be able to drink!! Do you remember the first time you went to see it? We waited just a little bit too long and it was out of most theaters, but there was this small theater by my grandma's house in Hells Kitchen and they still had it on! So my parents took us along with grandma (who barely spoke English, since she was from Greece) and we all watched it together. After watching it, my sister and I literally wanted to re-create the whole thing with our Barbies, so we turned our doll house into the Spice Tour Bus and made our Barbies into the Spice Girls. Ugh, it was such a magical time! This movie brings me so much nostalgia.

Anyway, before I start to REALLY ramble... one of my favorite scenes in Spice World was the one where the girls are all laying in robes under a magically colored tent. It's such a short scene, but I always wanted to recreate that party and hang out there! Unfortunately, it's winter here in NYC and it's fudging COLD so I decided to virtually create this scene for anyone to attempt! 

Ever wished you could be the Spice Girls? Throw yourself a rainbow spa slumber party just like the one in Spice World! You'll be sure to make everyone jealous.

1. White Paper Lanterns 2. Toe Separators 3. Orange Robe 4. Nail Scrub Brushes 5. Pedicure Slipper 6. Green Robe 7. Yellow Robe 8. Chupa Chups Lollipops 9. Diet Pepsi 10. Purple Robe 11. White Tent 12. Pink Robe 13. Orange Blanket 14. Blue Pillows 15. Cow Print Pillow Cover 16. Curtain Panels

Setting Up

To set the scene, you’ll want to set up your tent in the grass, or even indoors if it’ll fit. Lay down your orange blanket (1 or 2, depending on the size of your tent) and throw some pillows around to make it comfy. If you’re putting the tent on the grass, you may want to get a waterproof liner for your blanket so you don’t end up with a moist blanket and wet butts!  Then, take your curtain panels and go around the tent to hang them for some privacy and color. Depending on the style of your tent, I recommend using hook clips for an affordable and easy method of hanging! 

I really wanted this party to have that same cozy feel as the one in the movie, plus the really bright and quirky 90’s ridiculousness we all loved. Since we don’t really have an occasion to set up a tent and sit around lounging in the grass like the Spice Girls, I figured a slumber party/spa day would be the perfect excuse! You can get some super affordable items, like spa flip flops, scrubber brushes, and colorful toe separators. Invite each girl to bring their favorite shade of bright polish, or order a set of these rainbow nail polishes so everyone can choose their fave. It would make a great party favor!

Getting in the 90's Mood

Play your favorite 90’s playlist, or blast some Spice Girls as you get pampered in style. Or, you can even grab a portable DVD player or your laptop to play Spice World in the background.

The girls all wear these plush, oversized robes in bright pink, orange, green, yellow, and a purplish-blue for Posh. Super appropriate, right? Haha. The girls are drinking Pepsi and enjoying their candy of choice, chupa chups, so I included those as well.  You can always opt for something healthier, like cucumber water and a fruit and veggie platter. Or, go all out 90's with some of your favorite 90's snacks, like Fruit by the Foot, Gusher's, and Ring Pops.

Say You'll Be There

Are you guys just dying to throw this party?! It's fulfilling all my 90's dreams, I'll tell you that much! So, which scene from Spice World did you want to recreate? And, which Spice Girl was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! (PS- I loved Ginger!)

Make a Statement: The Shop is LIVE!

EDIT: The shop is now closed. Read more here.

YOU GUYS! Remember back in October when I relaunched the blog as Party HarDIY? Well, I told you there were some big plans in STORE (hah, see what I did there?) and I’m sooo excited to announce the launch of our shop! I’ve always wanted to have my own shop full of cutesy things, and I’ve always had a love of jewelry! Well, now the two have come together in one magical, glimmering place.

Flower Necklace Yellow.jpg

So, what’s available?

A collection of unique and colorful jewelry, sure to add a pop of color to any outfit! The holidays are coming, and these pieces are perfect for adding some sparkle to your outfit, a fun touch of Christmas colors, or to change up an outfit that’s already been worn a bunch of times! Because let’s be real, these pieces are WAY cheaper than buying a new dress!

Um… Tell me more about this collection!

Well, ok! This all started back when I was in my favorite jewelry shop in the city. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a collection of fun and colorful necklaces that are affordable? There are SO many expensive jewelry shops out there, and my opinion on costume jewelry is the more, the merrier. So, I decided to curate my own collection of fun, bold, and most of all BRIGHT jewelry. There will also be some new items coming to the shop as well, but for now I decided to start small for the holiday season!

Red Tassel xmas.jpg

Where did your love of jewelry come from?

My grandma! My yiayia had the most insane collection of costume jewelry. I don’t think I ever saw her wearing real jewelry, haha! She had a bunch of bold necklaces and earrings. Fun fact- her ears weren’t pierced! She only owned clip-ons. Here's a picture of us when I was a kid. She's dressed very on brand, and I'm the one in the tutu. I took ballet for a hot minute, but I was AWFUL at it.

Grandma Inspo.jpg

Um… am I brave enough to wear this stuff?

YES! I used to be shy about wearing bright things too. I finally realized that it’s fun to be bold and daring. People notice! I get compliments on my jewelry all the time, and in a sea of people, it’s fun to stand out a bit. You can always start small with a pair of colorful studs!

Blue Square Earring auto.jpg

Ok, you’ve convinced me! What do I even wear this stuff with?

My very favorite thing to wear bold jewelry with is a basic tee! It’s really adds a pop of fun and sass to an otherwise casual item. Try pairing the Daisy Dreams Statement Necklace or the Fringe Benefits Earrings with a basic tee. Another great way to wear these is with a Christmas sweater! Try the Rudolph the Red Nosed Rhinestone Tassel Earrings with your ugly Christmas sweater, or the Worth The Tassel Earrings with a warm, cozy sweater! Heading to a holiday party? Try the Chic-a-Boo Rhinestone Earrings for some added glitz and glam, or the Dragonfruit Dilemma Earrings for a fun, unexpected touch.

Dragonfruit Earring Pink.jpg

Can I get free items?

Um, heck yea!! I’m hosting a giveaway! To enter, follow the instructions on this post on Instagram. Tag a friend for an extra entry! One winner will get all 4 jewelry ornaments- perfect for giving out as Secret Santa gifts, hanging on the tree, or keeping them all for yourself!

DIY Jewelry Ornament 12.jpg

Eek! I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am! I've been working on this for MONTHS, and I'm so happy to see the store is finally live! So, go sign up for free shipping, and enter the giveaway!

Gift Guide for the Barbie Girl

Are you a Barbie girl, in the normal world? It's a pretty dull place to be, when your head is full of dreams for pink homes, great fashion, and trendy accessories. Alas, there is a way to bring your Barbie World love back into the normal world. And that's by grabbing as many pink items as you can!

Make your life a little more Barbie Pink with these awesome items! You’ve got barbie shoes, pet care, and even closet organization! We could all use a little more glam in our lives. #barbieshoes #barbieclothes #shoppinglists

1. Sneakers 2. Makeup Brushes 3. Barbie Necklace 4. Barbie Backpack 5. Pink Sunglasses 6. Barbie Purse 7. Pink VW Beatle 8. Lip Stickers 9. Dog Bone Bowls 10. Pink Glitter 11. Dog House 12. Fling Tumbler 13. Bow Heels 14. Pink Planner 15. Heart Hangers

Sneakers- We all know Barbie loved her shoes. Unfortunately, she usually did it Cinderella-style, because we somehow managed to lose one them. With these sneakers, it's almost as if you found those missing doll shoes. Plus, this counts as wearing heels, right?

Makeup Brushes- Barbie wore a lot of makeup over the years. With these brushes, you can have that flawless look too! They’re perfecting for trying out the newest trends. I don't know how well they work, but they sure are pretty! 

Barbie Necklace- Since nameplates and Barbie were all the rage when I was younger, this seems like the best of both worlds. Wear it when you need a pop of color, to show your affiliation with the Barbie brand, or to convince creepy bar guys that your name really is Barbie.

Barbie Backpack- A teeny pink Barbie backpack to hold all your cool essentials. I remember the days when tiny backpacks were the “in” thing. They need to make a comeback! We don't need half the things we carry in our oversized purses. Who do I talk to about this?!

Pink Sunglasses- These sunglasses are so ridiculous to me because they really remind me of the cheap plastic sunglasses that came with Barbies in the 2000’s, and I love it. I had several pairs of sunglasses with funky colored lenses, and I wore them until they weren’t cool anymore. Ah, the good old days.

Barbie Purse- for those of you that aren't willing to embrace the tiny backpack trend, try this purse! It’ll hold all your essentials, and then some. It’s got a girly shape and sporty stripes, so it’ll match with any outfit, plus it adds a pop of color!

VW Beatle- I think Barbie cemented our tweenage desire to own a VW beetle. This car was THE car to own back in the days. Now you can commemorate it and enjoy the beetle without, you know, having to drive it everywhere. 

Lip Stickers- Barbie is known for her iconic pink lips, and now you can be, too! Just place these stickers on everything and everyone you interact with and they'll be sure to remember you. 

Dog Bone Bowls- What else would your purse pooch eat from? This has one bowl for food, one for water, and one very cute bone-shaped tray to keep your floors clean. Because although Princess is adorable, she’s pretty sloppy sometimes.

Pink Glitter- Everything is better when it's covered in pink glitter. That is a fact! Use this pink glitter to add a little sparkle to note cards, tea light holders, and just about anything, really.

Dog House- Barbie has had lots of pets in her lifetime, but I imagine her favorite must have been some sort of small puppy. With this, your pampered pooch can have her own Barbie Dream House. Dream car not included.

Fling Tumbler- since Barbie is getting married to Ken every few years, I bet she would love this tumbler. She puts the Kardashians to shame with the sheer quantity of weddings she’s had. Oh Barbie… never a bridesmaid, always a bride.

Bow Heels- Barbie loves her heels, and so do we! They’re pink and have a bow, which is all you need in my book. Plus they’re Kate Spade! I mean, if Barbie could walk in heels with her disproportionate body, you can too, right?

Pink Planner- This planner is perfect for jotting down all your hopes and dreams, like Barbie and her very many career paths. I feel like if Barbie taught us anything it’s that you can have any job you set your mind to, and look damn good doing it!

Heart Hangers- These hangers are amazing because they remind me of some doll ones that I had way back in the day. Barbie would clearly hang her clothes on these! It might be a little much to get a whole closet full of these (or not) but I think hanging your party clothes on it would be a perfect use for them.

So which one of these items do you like the best? Do you have any items you own that stem from your Barbie collection? Let me know in the comments below!